Pride of Texas
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CG Texas Tornado

Sire:  MMF Bob
(RVB Dahlas & RVB Bingo)
Dam:  RVB Marcy
(RVB Dahlas & RVB Omaha)

I could say so many great things about this great bull but I will let the picture speak for itself.
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Since September 7, 2005
Komokos Moon Shadow

Sire:  Komokos Little Don Juan
(Reddicks Li'l Dynamo & Kom Mini Tasha)
Dam:  Komokos Li'l Tinkerbell
(Kom El Torro & Kom Li'l Tinker Toy)

This is a masculine but sweet bull that we had the pleasure to introduce to our cows.  Can beat genetics like this one.  One of a kind.

Meet our new herd sire!!!
WHF Tough N Fancy

Sire:  RCP Red Sam (Z-1282)
(RCP Swede (Z-0007) & RCP Pat (Z-0014)
Dam:  CLH Sita (Z-1450)
(MMF Little Ricky (Z-0204) & Fitzgeralds Christy (Z-0689)

We are so lucky to have been able to purchase this impressive bull.  He is just beautiful, impressive, massive, colorful and correct.  His babies are on the ground and we could've been happier.  What an excellent choice.
Pride of Texas Antonio

Sire:  Texas Tornado
(MMF Bob & RVB Marcy)
Dam:  Fan-C- Lady J
(Perkins Live Oak Sancho & AJJ Brit II)

This bull is just amazing.  He was the grand champion at every single show we took him in 2007.  There was no junior bull out there strong enough to beat him in the show ring.  He has bred two heifers and we can't wait to see what his babies will look like.  Best bull ever....